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Oregano 40gr "Inatos", Crete

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Oregano 40gr "Inatos", Crete

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Cretan OreganoOregano is a native plant found in many territories in Greece.

Oregano contains many essential oils, the two most important being thymol and carvacrol. The essential oils prevent the action of micro-organisms and protect the body from many diseases.

Oregano is a great antioxidant factor. Oregano’s main essential oils, thymol and carvacrol, are intensively antioxidant, even more than the synthetic antioxidants (BHT and BHA) used extensively in fresh meat packings.

Using oregano with meat, not only taste is added but the meat’s nutritional value becomes higher. It is found that oregano’s antioxidant action is 12 times more powerful than the orange’s, 30 times better than the potato’s and 42 than the apple’s antioxidant value.

On the other hand, oregano is a great source of natural fiber, iron and b-carotene. Fibers lower the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood, making the combination “oregano – meat” more harmonic, almost ideal.

Aristotle wrote that should a wounded animal eat oregano, the wound would heal. Even today, it is common practice for greek hunters to fill their prey’s belly with sprigs of oregano so that the meat remains unharmed until they return home.

Oregano has an intense, spicy and slightly bitter taste.

Map CreteHealing Properties

-       Oregano belongs to the plants with  high content of vitamin C.

-   Used as a beverage or “tea”, oregano fights the atony of the intestines, eases digestion and calms down the neural system. It is also regarded as a diuretic and emmenagogue.

-       Oregano “tea” helps with hypertension and atherosclerosis.

-     Gargles with oregano "tea" are good for inflammations and ulcers of the mouth and tonsils.

-       The oregano essential oil is used for fighting lice.

-       Compresses with oregano soothe bruises and swellings.

-       Generally, modern medicine is widely using oregano.

Oregano in cooking

Oregano is a basic element of the Mediterranean cuisine. Can you imagine greek salad without oregano? It is enhancing the taste of all meat and fish. It is resistant to high temperature, so it can be used from the beginning of cooking.


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- Greek salad : Add salt, then feta cheese, pour with extra virgin olive oil and top with one or two pinches of oregano. In this way you will have oregano an every little bite.

- Oregano on all grilled meat : After salt and spices, do not forget to add some oregano.

- Cook chicken with lemon sauce and enrich the recipe with 2 or 3 pinches of oregano. What you will get is a unique, unforgettable taste. Oregano’s exceptional aroma will pass in the chicken and will give a completely new sensation.

- Toast your favorite bread, spray with extra virgin olive oil, add some oregano on top. Simply magic.

- Prepare Cretan “dakos”. You will need Cretan “dakos” or any other “paximadi”. Lightly moisten the “dakos” with warm water, chop fresh tomato add feta cheese on top (or the tomato sauce you prefer), pour some extra virgin olive oil and finally add some oregano on top of all. Suberb taste with the healthiest ingredients.


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