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Honey on breadHoney has been a key factor to human diet from the antiquity to the modern era.

Pure honey contains a variety of more than 180 different substances (natural dehydrated sugars, minerals, acids, enzymes, proteins, aminoacids, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E, K  and water) forming a composition that cannot be reproduced chemically. This unique composition guarantees the endurance of the honey, acts as a natural antibiotic and prevents the growing of bacteria or fungi.

Honey has a long history of human consumption and has been always regarded as one of the most valuable, nutritious, healthy foods. Honey gives power to the muscles and clarity to the mind, disinfects and regulates the human digestive system. Regular use of honey gives vigor to the body and help to extend life. It is proven that honey plays a major healing part against habitual constipation, heart diseases, anemia, adenopathy, weakness.

The greek honey is considered to be of the highest quality, with excellent viscosity and divine aroma, rich in antioxidants. These properties are attributed to the all-year-long greek sunshine and the enormous variety of the native flora.