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Honeyrum Liqueur from Rhodes Island, 700ml, 21% vol, "Sifonios" 15%

Honeyrum Liqueur from Rhodes Island, 700ml, 21% vol, "Sifonios"

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Herbs & Spices

Oregano wild bunchGreece is widely famous for the unique herbs and spices.

Greek cuisine is full of smells and tastes provided by the vast variety of herbs and spices.

The excellent quality of the greek herbs is due to the extended periods of sunshine and the temperate micro-climate. The diversity of the greek landscapes makes the flora so rich that over 7500 different plant spieces are grown there, while 850 of them are entirely indigenous.


Some of the best herbs are grown in Greece the natural way. Herbs like chamomile, mountain tea, linden flower tea, sage (Salvia officinalis), thyme, oregano and basil are chosen by most of the famous chefs in Europe.