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Basil 40gr, "Inatos", Crete

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Basil bougetBasil is the king of aromatic herbs. It is used in a variety of cooking recipes and it can combined with many tastes. Basil’s taste is very soft and its aroma is particularly elegant.

Basil makes great combination with fresh tomato and soft cheese. It also fits in salads, soups, risotto, eggs, seafood, red and white meat, fruits, bread, almost in all pasta dressings, as well as in stuffed vegetables (“yemista”).

Healing Properties

Basil is a plant with antiseptic and expectorant properties. It is considered a great diaphoretic.

Basil’s healing properties are related to the essential oil it contains, which is also a very good anticonvulsant.

Map CreteThe “tea” from basil leaves is digestive, diuretic and stimulating, it relieves the intestine and nerve migraines.

For nursing mothers, basil helps to increase the milk production.

Basil extract is beneficiary against stomatitis, herpes labialis and nausea (nausea of pregnancy as well).

Consuming basil leaves with olive oil, as a salad, fights constipation.

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