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Z-"Works by Greek Composers", luxuriöse Verpackung mit 12 CDs mit 88 Werken griechischer Komponistenes (English)

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Works by Greek Composers, luxuriöse Verpackung mit 12 CDs"Works by Greek Composers", Luxury Package with 12 cds with 88 works by Greek Composers 19th - 20th century.

A rare collectible edition of the Cultural Olympiad, with 12 CDs and an accompanying volume of 250 pages, under the title "Antis gia oneiro", which includes the most important of Greek art creations of the last 200 years.

The discographic edition is an initiative of the Cultural Olympiad in collaboration with the Union of Greek Composers and promotes dynamically hidden treasures of Greek music while offering a high level of enjoyment.

The 12 CDs, lasting a total of about 13 hours, include 88 works by Greek composers from Mantzaros and Lambelet to Xenakis and Skalkotas.

12 unique CDs with 88 works:

23 symphonic music compositions (on 6 CDs)

14 chamber music compositions (on 2 CDs)

A complete opera (on 2 CDs)

21 compositions for choir (on 1 CD)

29 songs for voice and piano (on 1 CD)

The publication is completed by a luxurious paperback volume, the fruit of scientific collaboration of twelve Greek musicologists (Xanthoudakis, Leotsakos, Vlagopoulos, Tsetsos, Siopsi, etc.). The illustration of the volume is enriched by anecdotal visual and photographic material from public and private archives.

Composers: Theodoros Karyotakis, N. Labelet, Marios Varvoglis, Aristotelis Kountourof, Manolis Kalomoiris, Paul Karrer, Nikos Skalkottas, Nikolaos Mantzaros, Jani Christou, Dionysius Rodotheatos, Giannis Xenakis, Peter Petridis, Domenikos Pavodas, Giannis Andrea Papaioannou Loris Margaritis, Dimitrios Dragatakis, Dimitrios Levidis, Konstantinos Kydoniatis, George Poniridis, Dimitris Mitropoulos



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