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GREEK MEDITERRANEAN DIET directly at your home.

The Mediterranean Diet and particularly the Greek Traditional Diet has been the object of many research studies. It has been proven that it is the most balanced and healthy diet.

Greek Traditional Diet acts like an armor for the body, protecting us from the majority of diseases that trouble the modern man.

The protective action of these foods is based on the high content of antioxidant agents, like vitamins A, C and E, the flavonoids and the polyphenols.

Some extra benefits of the Mediterranean Diet are that it helps to the normal intestinal  function, protects the skin from ageing and gives a feeling of wellness.

The Greek Traditional Diet is an austere diet, mainly consisting of fruits, herbs, pulses, olive oil, vegetables, nuts, dark bread, a lot of fish and lesser meat.

To simply follow the Diet is not enough to make a difference. The quality of foods is of great importance. They must contain and preserve all of their beneficiary ingredients.  This is achieved only when the foods are produced and packed without chemical additives nor preservatives, according to the “genuine” traditional greek manner.


Greek-e-foodmarket.com, was created to highlight and bring forward all the products of the greek landscape with exclusive dietary value and quality. All the particles that form the Traditional Greek-Mediterranean Diet, honour and respect traditional values, they all have their place in our e-shop.

The products chosen and presented by greek-e-foodmarket.com have been produced by minor scale producers, who :

  • -         - Use exclusively greek raw materials, often organic, processed with the traditional manner.
  • -         - Follow the old ways and recipes to craft their products, without  using chemicals nor other additives.

For all those reasons, our products are distinguished for their natural taste, their natural aroma emerging from their pure ingredients and of course their incomparable taste