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Spearmint 30gr, "Inatos", Crete

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Spearmint 30gr, "Inatos", Crete

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MintSpearmint is one of the most popular plants in the greek gardens and balkonies.

According to the ancient greek mythology, when Persephone caught her husband Hades., on the banks of river Aheron, with nymph Minthi in his arms, she transformed her into the plant we since then call spearmint.

For the ancient Greeks, speramint was a powerful mind revival and its beverage was used to treat headaches.

They also rubbed the table with mint before dinner. The Egyptians and the Chinese used to perfume with speramint their bath water.

 Healing Properties

As a compress, spearmint is good to some skin diseases and relieves from rheumatism pain. Spearmint has many beneficial and healing properties. It Map Creteis mostly used as a beverage and is ideal for gallstones, a good anticonvulsant, sedative and digestive. It is also good for insomnia and hiccups.

Spearmint in cooking

Spearmint is one of the famous aromatic plants. It is used mainly in salads and soups, thin sliced into meatballs, pies and eggplant spread.

It matches perfectly with potatoes, peas, lamb, seafood, beets, salads. Try spearmint on white cheese.



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