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Schinoussa Island Fava (Split Peas), 400gr

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Schinoussa Island Fava (Split Peas), 400gr, no preservatives

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Fava Schinoussa with onion and capersThe Schinoussa Split Peas (Fava) is a local variety (pisum sativum), which has survived through time and is been cultivated all around the island, in the old traditional way.

For its cultivation no pesticides and fertilizers are used. This Fava is so pure as the soil that breeds it. That's why is considered to be the "Schinoussa Gold".

The Schinoussa Fava is easy to cook and once you taste it,you never forget it. 

Schinoussa island

 Fava cultivation in Schinoussa

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Recipe for Schinoussa Fava

-Wash the Fava thoroughly in cold water.

-Use 3 parts of water for 1 part of Fava.

-Boil on high heat for 10 minutes and remove the foam regularly.

-Lower the heat and add an onion, split in four and stir regularly to prevent sticking.

-Once the onion melts, remove from heat.

Add salt, plenty of extra virgin olive oil and serve with lemon, chopped onion and capers.


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