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Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue)

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Ouzo "Samara" blueThe blue Ouzo of Mytilene "Samaras" (40% vol) is produced from a collection of seleceted materials, such as the famous Lisbori Anise, purified water from the Gera region, alcohol of agricultural origin, sugar, onions, barley, and Chian mastiha. The result is a soft ouzo, with delicate aroma and pleasant aftertaste.

Enjoyed best with olives, Kalloni sardines, grilled shrimps and octopus, “ladotyri” cheese from Mytilene.

This ouzo loves as well the oriental kitchen “mezedes”.

It was back in 1896 when Efstratios Samaras relocated his distillery from Proussa in Minor Asia to Papados of Gera in Lesbos island. Since then, perfumes and sensations flooded the island. Profound master of the art of distilling, Samaras produced a unique quality ouzo, that soon gained loyal friends.

Today, the fourth generation of distillers, with respect to the family tradition and loyalty to the principal values of the founder, is still producing the famous Ouzo of Mytilene “Samaras”. 


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