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Organic Thyme, 30gr, in resealable packaging, "Pegasus",

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ThymeThyme grows almost everywhere in Greece, especially on barren and dry lands.

Its name was derived from the ancient greek verb θύω meaning "to sacrifice" or “to sent”.

Thyme has intense antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial action due to its two basic substances, thymol and carvacrol.

Thyme’s disinfectant and antiseptic action is known since antiquity.

Bees feed on thyme’s flowers, thus producing the world famous thyme honey.

West MacedoniaHealing Properties

Thyme as infusion is considered a good body strengthening and stimulator, anticonvulsant and softener for the stomach. The thyme beverage (herb tea) is beneficial for those who suffer from rheumatic and arthritic pain. A thyme “tea” is good for indigestion and colds.

Thyme in cooking

Thyme has intense, spicy taste that reminds of oregano. It is used in meatballs, “gemista”, grilled meat and fish, various pies.

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