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Organic Greek Coffee, classic, traditional, 200gr, "Nektar"

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Greek CoffeeGreek coffee is the favouritte habit of many Greeks.

Organic fresh-roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world's finest varieties. Sealed in protective atmosphere, right out of the roaster, guarantees the perfect preservation of the taste and the unique aroma of our blend

Served in the special small "coffee cup", it is the best start of the day. Wakes us up, gives moments of pleasure and according to recent scientific evidence, is good for our health.

Greek coffee is prepared in a special copper or steel pot, called "briki". Sugar is added according to one's personal taste.

How to prepare a Greek Coffee:

Prepare your delicious greek coffee by following these steps :

-You will need a “briki” or just a small pot with narrow “neck”. Pour in as much water as the quantity needed to fill your cup(s).

-A full teaspoon of greek coffee is the ideal quantity for a traditional coffee cup (aprox. 50ml). Add as much sugar as you like.

-On a modest heat, stir slowly until the coffee and sugar are completely dissolved in the water.

-Bring to the boil and wait until the water level reaches the top of the pot. Remove from the heat, let it level down and bring to the boil once more.

-Quickly remove the pot from the heat and pour slowly your greek coffee in a classic coffee cup. 

Enjoy !



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