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Orange Blossom Honey, 960gr, from Argolis & Arcadia orangeries

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Orange Blossom Honey, 960gr, from Argolis & Arcadia orangeries, "Taygetos Honey"


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Orange tree blossom and Taygetus honeyOrange blossom honey has a fabulous aroma and a very light sweet taste. It is rich in esperine, a very antioxident substance, very nutritional and rich in minerals.

Orange blossom honey is the honey of beauty because of its cosmetic features. It is also a very good anti-stress factor. 

The "Taygetus" orange blossom honey is harvested from the orange tree fields in Argolis and Arcadia.Argolis & Arcadia


Ελαφρύ μέλι με πλούσια γεύση και διακριτικό άρωμα


νοστιμότατο !!! άρεσε πολύ στα παιδιά μου με την ελαφριά γεύση του και το άρωμα πορτοκαλιάς !!


πολύ ωραίο μέλι, ελαφρύ , ρευστό και με υπέροχο άρωμα πορτοκαλιάς!

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Honey crystallization and reset to original status 

Crystallized honey

Honey has a natural trend to crystallize. The crystallization of honey has nothing to do with its quality. In a vase full of honey, crystals begin to form first at the bottom and then at the rest of the vase. New crystals will be added daily and that gives a non-pleasant look to the honey. Crystallization makes honey difficult to use, as well. But, crystallized honey keeps all of its properties. 

Honey reset Reset :

In case that your favorite honey crystallizes, do not worry ! On the contrary, you should be glad that you have bought an excellent honey (impure honey does not crystallize). Crystallized honey can be reset to its original state by using a moderate heated bain-marie. Just heat up the honey and it will be th same as when you bought it. One may also leave the honey vase to heat up on a heating radiator for a few minutes, it will be fine.

Honey and its properties

-A legend claims that the body of Alexander the Great was secured in a glass coffin full of honey, to be preserved until it reached the burial location. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey were already known.

-Honey contains 77% to 78% sugars (mainly glucose and fructose) and has very low moisture content, so it does not favor the growth of micro-organisms.

-Honey cosuming seems to be responsible for the longevity of many famous beekeepers (80 to 100 years).

Classic balsamic vinegar dressing


Balsamic dressing


Mix thoroughly and refrigerate. Stays fresh for a long time. Suitable for all green salads. Enjoy !

Honey dressing for green salads

A quick and delicious honey-based dressing. Ideal for green salads.


honey dressing

• 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

• 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

• 1 tablespoon mustard

• 1 tablespoon honey


Mix everything in a blender or by hand until you get an homogeneous yummy dressing !



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