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How to make Greek Coffee?

Greek coffee is a strong, rich coffee made of coffee beans that are roasted and finely ground. The grounds are what make it different. The grounds are traditionally left in cups that some people use it for serving. Thick foam rises to the top of the cup while the grounds settle at the bottom. Most people use a briki for brewing and demitasse cups for serving it. The briki is wide at the base and narrow at the top. This generally helps to ensure the proper amount of foam is accumulated for the coffee.

Let us check out the ways in which it should be made:

Use Greek Coffee beans –These beans are different from other coffee beans in many ways. These beans are lightly roasted and ground to a fine powder. The type of bean, the roast, and the grind contribute to the unique flavor to it. The two of the most popular types are Loumidis and Bravo.

Making and brewing the coffee – Prepare the coffee in a briki. While making the coffee make sure that you prepare it in a briki. A briki is special metal coffee pot that is used specifically to make Greek coffee in a traditional way. Along with the required amount of coffee, you need to add the same amount of water and sugar in order to make a good coffee.

Serve it in a demitasse – It tastes best when served in a demitasse cup. A demitasse cup is the best option for serving Greek coffee.