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Free shipping over 110 euro

Tahini from sesame

TahiniTahini is a natural product derived from selected sesame seeds, which are peeled, dried and pulped, creating a fatty cream.

Tahini is  excellent
nutritionall food with strong antioxidant activity. It is rich in calcium, manganese, selenium, iron, potassium, zinc, amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, beneficial fatty acids and other components necessary for the good health and balance of the body.

It is a very popular ingredient for both cooking and pastry making. It is however, the main component of halva, is also used in pies, cakes or cookies.

It is popular ingredient for tahini soup and hummus and is also used in sauces and as a spread on bread instead of butter.

Organic Tahini (sesame paste), "Kosmides - Gavriles", 300gr
Organic Tahini (sesame paste), "Kosmides - Gavriles", 300gr, no preservatives


Tahini (sesame paste), "Kosmides - Gavriles", 450gr, no preservatives
Tahini (sesame paste), "Kosmides - Gavriles", 450gr, no preservatives


Whole grain tahini
Tahini Wholegrain (sesame paste), "Kosmides - Gavriles", 350gr, no preservatives