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Bio Heidehonig 450gr "FASSILIS", aus Parnon Berg in Peloponnes

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Organic Heather HoneyThe Heather Honey (sousoura) is a product of great nutritional value and that is why it is extremely suitable for the stimulation of our organism. It has the distinctive full flavor of a bitter candy and it encloses all the intense earthy scents of the heather flowers. Its special red-bronze color is turned into a wonderful caramel color after its crystallization which is carried out too quickly (1-3 months after harvesting). The Heather Honey is among the elite of the Greek honeys and it is especially preferred by demanding consumers.

The Heather Honey is collected from the nectar dews of the autumn heather which is known as “sousoura”-(Erica verticillata), from the gorges and the green slopes of Mount Parnon (Arcadia) in the Southeastern Peloponnese at an altitude ranging from 200m – 800m from early October until late November. The production is unpredictable of course because it depends on the weather conditions.

The organic Heather Honey “FASILIS” was given the first award in its category in the International Competition of Organic Beekeeping “BIOLMIEL” for two years in a row (2010 – 2011).

The area of Mount Parnon and the gorge of Leonidio (Monastery of Elona), where the honey is collected, are part of the Network Nature 2000. It is a European Ecological Network of areas that host natural habitats of some very important at European level species.

After harvesting, the honey is carefully filtered and packed directly into glass jars in the modern facilities of the Fasilis family. The whole process does not exceed one month from the time of harvest. Honey is then stored in dark and dry spaces, at low temperature, ready to be released for consumption. Arkadia

General Information   Nutritional Information (per 100g)
TYPE Organic heather honey   ENERGY 329 Kcal
CATEGORY Nectar   PROTEIN 0,35 g
TASTE Special flavor (slightly bitter)   FATS 0,00 g
AROMA Special – pleasant   Storage Conditions
CRYSTALLIZATION 1-3 months   Keep in a cool, dry, dark and odorless place (< 15°C for long storage period). The heather honey crystallizes very quickly. The crystallization of the honey is a natural process that depends only on its plant origin. It returns to its original state with moderate heat. (bain-marie).
HARVEST AREA Southeastern Peloponnese
HARVEST PERIOD October – November  


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