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Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue) 15%

Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue)

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Thyme Honey

Honey jarAmber color, unique taste, distinctive aroma. That's why the thyme honey is considered to be the king of honeys.

Thyme honey is known for its stimulating and antiseptic properties. Medical studies have proven that just a spoonful of honey helps to digest any kind of food.

Thyme on Greek island

Greek thyme honey is known worldwide for its exceptional quality. This is due not only to the sea breeze and the amazing climate, but also to the almost exclusive thyme flowering of some territories. Honey with high content of thyme pollen grains has the best aroma than any other. Original thyme honey contents at least 18% honey from thyme flowers. In some territories in Crete and the Greek Islands the percentage climbs up to 90%.