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Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue) 15%

Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue)

You win: €2.49 (15%)
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Spreads - Pastes

TzatzikiSpreads, also known as pastes or dips, are in fact very thick and concentrated sauces. The spreads are usually consumed with bread, rusks, etc. The spreads’ basic element may be cheese, vegetables, pulses, potatoes in combination with olive oil, yogurt, herbs, spices and garlic.

The greek cuisine is full of spreads. Nothing is easier than putting on the table some crispy bread and a good spread. The simplest and easiest “meze”,

Tzatziki, tarama salad, garlic salad, these are some of the most popular greek spreads.