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Retsina Malamatina, 500ml, 11%vol

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Retsina Malamatina bottlesRetsina: A unique wine with absolutely Greek identity.

Retsina Malamatina is produced exclusively from the Greek grape varieties of Savatiano and Rhoditis. Vinification follows the white wine-making method under controlled temperatures and by selecting only the “mosto yema” or “flower must” from the grapes to achieve the wine’s unique colour, aroma, flavour and quality.

The addition of a small amount of pine resin during fermentation provides the characteristic retsina flavour, while at the same time allowing the fruity aromas of these varietals to emerge.

Retsina is produced exclusively in Greece, and its production is prohibited in any other country in the world. In addition, the European Union has included retsina among wines with a “traditional designation,” given to products made according to traditional methods in a particular region or country.

It may be served cold or according to personal preference, on its own, with fizzy water, with cola, on ice, or over crushed ice for an enjoyable and refreshing drink.

It may be enjoyed on its own or with appetizers (meze). It is the ideal accompaniment to food and friends.

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