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Halva with chocolate & almonds, handmade, 450gr, "Kosmides Gavriles", no preservatives

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Halva with chocolate and almondsHandmade Halva with chocolate & almonds.

The famous workshop "KOSMIDES - GAVRILES" is located in Drapestona, Piraeus,
where customers are flocking to buy the coveted Halva.

The traditional process of halva production is very difficult and therefore only the owners of the company (Nicolas Gavrilles and Evmorfios Kosmides) are in charge of the production procedure.

Waiting line outside the workshopThis Halva is not processed in mechanical kneader, but kneaded by hand. For this reason, as mr. Gavrillis says, there is a limit to how much the  business can grow, while ensuring product quality. This limit is not willing to overcome. That's why Halva needs "love, kindness and devotion when you knead it, otherwise it will betray you".

Classic, with whole almonds, cocoa and chocolate, halva is made with pure ingredients, without preservatives, with this
traditional and challenging way. That's why its reputation exceeds the limits of the region, but also Greece.

Try it plain, with cinnamon and lemon, with a slice of orange or in any other way you wish.The final kneading of halva

 Drapetsona Piraeus






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