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Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue) 15%

Ouzo from Mytiline, 700ml, "Samara", 40%vol (blue)

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Fava with onion, olive oil and lemonFava (split peas) is grown on most Aegean islands while the more famous is the fava grown on Santorini island.

Fava is one of the oldest products of Santorini . Ancient remains of fava are found during archeological excavations on the island.

Fava is boiled and then served as pudding, with lots of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and salt, fine sliced onions and sometimes capes or even tomato and olives. A fava “meze” goes together especially with fish and seafood. It can also enrich salads or grilled meat.

Fava is extremely rich in nutrients, important for the body’s good function, such as vitamin B1, iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, while it contains very low amount of calories.