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Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sitia Crete, 0.3%-0.5% acidity, 500ml, "Thema Early Harvest"

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Early Harvest Terra di SitiaEarly Harvest Extra Virgin Oil PDO Sitia, Crete. Unripe, fresh, bright green, spicy.

An extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of early harvest unfiltered, with high polyphenols, low acidity (0.3% - 0.5%).

The beautiful, bright green color of unripe oil is due to the chlorophyll of unripe fruit, which have antioxidant properties.

Produced from the variety "Koroneiki" in the village of Paraspori of Sitia, in a privately owned olive grove (450m altitude) is available in limited quantities. The harvest is done at the end of October by hand, so as not to injure the fruit.

The olive oil (designated as PDO Sitia) is extracted on the same day with cold pressing (T <270C) under optimal conditions, as the olives are transported to the oil mill as soon as possible within 4-8 hours.

Its taste is more bitter than that of extra virgin olive oil, and quite spicy, with intensely fruity elements from the aromas of freshly picked unripe olives.

Consume it raw to benefit from the nutrients and enjoy its strong organoleptic characteristics. Add it to green salads, legume salads, boiled and grilled vegetables, fish and seafood. Try it raw as a finishing touch to all your dishes.

Sitia - Lasithi

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