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Greek Red Saffron in filaments, "Krokos Kozanis", 1gr, Organic

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Hand picking Krokos KozanisThe greek saffron, Krokos Kozanis, is classified among the best quality saffron worldwide. Laboratory reports confirm that its tint strength was measured above 240, which is 50 times higher than the international standard.

The competitive advantage of the greek saffron is the indisputable quality of the raw material and the “purity” of the final product.

Krokos Kozanis is a powerful weapon for strengthening the body’s defense. Daily use helps significally towards this direction.

The locals in Kozani are planting the crocus during summer and before the end of autumn they pick by hand the valuable stigmas of the beautiful crocus flower. A careful drying procedure ends up in thin, deep-red threads. More than 50000 stigmas are needed to make a 100 gr pack of red Krokos Kozanis.


It is confirmed that the stigmas of the crocus flower (Crocus Sativus Linneaus):

-Have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and vasodilatory properties.

-Improve brain functionality and especially memory.

-Protect the brain cells from degenerative diseases.

-Help to treat depression.

-Act against cholesterol.

-Have beneficial properties for the stomach.



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