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Corinth Currants "Golden Black", Organic, dried in the shade
Corinth Currants "Golden Black", Organic, dried in the shade

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Corinth Currants "Golden Black", Organic, dried in the shade, 200gr


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Golden BlackFrom an old family of vine growers, at Nemea, Corinthia, we bring you the Organic Corinth Currants "Golden Black", Dried in the shade. An extrordinary currant with excellent taste and full aroma.

 The fact that makes these currants a unique product is that they are dried following a naturally drying process, in special sunshades ("Iskiades"). Furthermore, it has been noticed that the currants dried in the shade contain twice the quantity of anti-oxidants than those dried in the sun. Latest publications have sauggested that the Corinth Currants are in fact the Greek Superfood.

Features: Dark, blue to black colour, complete filling, non-changing flesh, authentic flavour and taste of Black Corinthian Raisins without the addition of caramelised sugars. 

Drying process: The grapes are placed, one by one, on wooden handmade sunshades and let to dry naturally for one to two months, depending on weather conditions . Then, they are exposed for 2 days under the sun to complete the drying.

Raisins' origin: Proprietary vineyards of Black Corinthian Raisins of organic production. 

Vine Harvest: The last 10 days of August, after the grapes have reached 15 degrees Baume (27 degrees Brix).  Harvest is done with great care in order to keep all grapes intact.Nemea - Corinthia

The "Golden Black" currants have won the "Great Taste Award 2013". Until today, "Golden Black" are the only currants to have won such an important international award.

Tips by greek-e-foodmarket.com : Try Golden Black at breakfast with yogourt and/or cereals, add to green salads, use in pastry making (cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cakes etc)   and of course in cooking (risotto, stuffing, etc)




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Green Salad with figs and raisins

Our dear friend, chef Nikos, is proposing a delicious idea for green salad


MethodSalad with figs and raisins

It is a good idea to mince the figs. Salt lighlty.

Quantities may change to meet your personal taste.

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Corinth Currants "Golden Black", Organic, dried in the shade
Corinth Currants "Golden Black", Organic, dried in the shade, 200gr