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Arbutus Honey 460gr, from SE Peloponnese, "Taygetus Honey"

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Arbutus tree and Taygetos honeyThe Arbutus Honey has an intense, strong flavor and tastes bitter sweet. Its color is dark bronze and it crystallizes soon after harvesting. The arbutus honey contains the substance Arbutin which clears the blood and regulates the cholesterol levels. Natural antibiotics are found in higher concentration than in other types of honey, establishing the arbutus honey as a protection shield for the human body.

It was called "honey of the century" because it was rarely produced "almost every 100 years" in Corsica and exported exclusively to the rich arab countries.

In Greece, arbutus honey is harvested every year in Peloponese and Khalkidiki and it is especially stimulating both for bees and for humans.

Argolis & Laconia

According to "Institut fur Honig – Analytik" in Bremen,  the arbutus honey contains: 

0,0% saccharose (simple sugar)
36,1% fructose
28,9 glucose 
1,7% maltose
19,5% moisture
ph 4,5

For its low content of sugar, it is a suitable honey for diabetics.



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