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Versandkostenfrei ab 110 euro

Versandkostenfrei ab 110 euro

Ouzo aus Kalamata, 700ml, 40%vol, "STEFANOURI"

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Ouzo aus Kalamata, 700ml, 40%vol, "STEFANOURI"


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Ouzo Stefanouri aus KalamataOuzo Stefanouri aus Kalamata

Grapes from fine Messininian varieties

Carefully chosen Greek seed, spices and herbs

Distillation takes place in the traditional bronze alembic of the distillery and consists of the most important process. The slow mixing of boiling and liquefying creates – drop by drop – sophisticated spirits.

The appropriate separation of the distillate and the quality control that takes place throughout the production ensures the best quality of the distillate.

 The spirits are kept in proper storage space for as long as it is necessary in order to give famous the flavor of Stefanouri Ouzo.




Πάρα πολύ καλό τσίπουρο απ τον τόπο μου !!

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