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Greek Red Saffron in filaments, "Krokos Kozanis", 1gr, Organic

CODE: 3030001

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Hand picking Krokos Kozanis

The greek saffron, Krokos Kozanis, is classified among the best quality saffron worldwide. Laboratory reports confirm that its tint strength was measured above 240, which is 50 times higher than the international standard.

Melissa, Organic, (Melissa officinalis), 30gr, "Pegasus"

CODE: 3020013


Tea cup MelissaMelissa (Melissa officinalis) is also known as balm. 


Melissa has a distinctive smell of lemon. It contains volatile oils (known for their relaxing properties), polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids, while its action are based mainly on the essential oils that it contains. 

Mountain Tea, Organic, Macedonian Sideritis, 40gr, "Pegasus"

CODE: 3020012


Mountain TeaMountain tea (Macedonian Sideritis), collected from an altitude of over 800 meters. A delicious and aromatic beverage that you can drink hot or cold, with honey or plain.

Organic Chamomile, 30gr, in resealable packaging, "Pegasus"

CODE: 3020024



Chamomile is a plant known since antiquity for its amazing properties. It has Anti-inflammatory and Antispasmodic properties, Anxiolytic effects, it helps the digestive function, it strengthens the Immune, Soothes headaches.

Organic Oregano, 80gr, in resealable packaging, "Pegasus"

CODE: 3020017


OreganoOregano is a basic element of the Mediterranean cuisine. Can you imagine greek salad without oregano? Greek oregano enhances the taste of all meat and fish. It is resistant to high temperature, so it can be used from the beginning of cooking.

Organic Sage, 30gr, in resealable packaging, "Pegasus"

CODE: 3020023


Sage leaves

Sage is a herb with many medicinal substances and antibacterial, antiseptic, cardiotonic, anticonvulsant and antidiabetic properties.

It is also used in cooking for flavoring various saues and dishes. Its taste is pretty spicy and goes well with fatty meats and cheeses.

Organic Thyme, 30gr, in resealable packaging, "Pegasus",

CODE: 3020018


ThymeThyme has intense, spicy taste that reminds of oregano. It is used in meatballs, “gemista”, grilled meat and fish, various pies. Greek thyme for delicious food, taste and aroma.

Sedge (St. John's wort), Organic, (Hypericum perforatum), 30gr, "Pegasus"

CODE: 3020014


Sedge (St. John's wort)The Sedge or St. John's Wort has very important properties, known since antiquity.

It is very effective for the treatment of skin problems, wound healing and strengthening the immune system.