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Grape Molasses

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Grape Molasses, Petimezi, "Kosmides - Gavriles", 450gr, no preservatives

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Grape molassesThe traditional Petimezi, grape molasses "Cosmides - Gavriles" is produced from exceptional quality grapes. It has a dark color, thick texture and special, sweet taste.

It is rich in energy, iron and calcium. It doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial coloring or sugar.

It can be preserved for a long time without refrigeration. It holds most of the therapeutic ingredients of the grape.

Use it instead of sugar in coffee or tea, taste it on donuts and pancakes, make cookies and cakes, create sauces and salads..

 Drapetsona Piraeus


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Chicken bites with petimezi (grape molasses)

Another great "meze" by chef Nikos. Dare and enjoy !

Ingredients Chicken bites with petimezi (grape molasses)

4 pieces of chicken fillet

One onion

cloves of garlic or a teaspoon of garlic pulp

Some extra virgin olive oil

Sea Salt and ground pepper

50ml of METAXA 

tablespoons of sesame grains

tablespoons of grape molasses (petimezi)


Chop the chicken fillets to small bites.

Put a large pan on strong heat and saute the chicken with olive oil, sliced onion and garlic.

Deglaze the pan with METAXA and let simmer for a while.

Lower the heat and bring in the sesame grains and the petimezi.

Stir gentlyuntil the chicken is covered and coloured with petimezi and sesame. 

Serve and enjoy !


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Grape Molasses
Grape Molasses, Petimezi, "Kosmides - Gavriles", 450gr, no preservatives


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