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Free shipping over 110 euro

Free shipping over 110 euro

Company Profile

Greek-e-foodmarket.com is an online shop which targets to promote quality greek food products, mainly overseas but inside Greece as well.

Our logo, a slice of water melon, represents the memories of flavor, scent and freshness of the innocent Greece we knew as children. The products we propose are similar to the ones we learned from our mothers and grandmothers, eaten without doubt, made by the traditional way, from pure greek materials, without preservatives, with incomparable taste and aroma.

Our people, consistent professionals, search and discover in every greek province, the small scale producers combining the traditional passion with modern technology. We select professionals who would never sacrifice quality and purity for short term profit.

We constantly try to find quicker and less expensive ways, so that our products are delivered with the minimum possible cost.

This way we bring to your screen and then at your door, the purest, traditional and genuine greek products.

One of our objectives is that the logo “made in Greece” earns the recognition and gravity it deserves. We want to communicate that Greece is a blessed land, where the specific and diverse climate and landscape contribute to the developement of incomparable taste products.

Being certain that we propose only quality products, we desire that the world gets familiar with the authentic greek dietary culture. We wish to make  known worldwide, the genuine greek products that stand for quality and taste, made by authentic people with love and vision.